University of Lahore

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Lahore is committed to the pursuit of transformative, multidisciplinary research. Our renowned and dedicated faculty members are motivated to develop and build exciting new innovations to advance the country every day.

To better prepare the department to respond to large, collaborative, interdisciplinary research requests for proposals, the department’s research is organized into focus groups and technical areas, which comprise the core mechanical engineering (engineering mechanics, Thermo-Fluids etc) disciplinary areas.

Research groups are formed based on the expertise and interest of faculty and long-term funding opportunities. As a result, the number of active research groups will change from time to time. Faculty are associated with one technical area and one or more research groups, depending on expertise and research interests.


Delivering research across a wide range of topics and academic disciplines, our work includes analytical, experimental and numerical modelling.

  • Dynamics and Control
  • Robotics
  • Medical Engineering
  • Non Destructive Evaluation
  • Tribology


We focus on understanding and predicting the deformation and failure behavior of a range of materials from metals, ceramics, polymers and composites to adhesives and soft solids.

  • Metal Forming and Materials Modelling
  • Composites. Adhesives and Soft Solids
  • Structural Intergrity


With a good record over the last four years in pure and applied research, we combine experimental and computational modelling studies at a fundamental level.