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Seminar on "HVACR Technology, Entrepreneurship and Success" 2018

The Mechanical Engineering Department in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Society (MES, a body of Mechanical Engineering Students of UOL) arranged a seminar on Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Technologies in Auditorium 1 New Campus UOL on 8th November 2018.

The aim of the seminar was for students to interact with professionals of the HVACR industry. To understand the role of mechanical engineers in the industry, how to pursue a career in the field and to learn from the experiences of the professionals.

The event was planned and arranged by the combined efforts of Mechanical Engineering Department, MES and University. The preparation and planning was done by the student body, monitored by Faculty members. From promotion, to management, logistics, to hosting all aspects of the event were planned in detail. The facilities of the university were arranged through collaboration with Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

These activities for the event build the confidence, leadership skills, communication and morale of the student representatives. The student leadership of the society as well as members all actively participated in the event. President Haseeb Ahmed was a central figure, while the hard work and effort of General Secretary Mehroze Afzal was of high quality. Treasurer Hunbal Raza was a figure of confidence and Joint Secretary Haider Waqar played his role in the event. Mechanical Engineering Department and MES is thankful to all participants from all faculties of the University.

The guests were distinguished professionals and entrepreneurs of the HVACR industry. Mr Sajjad Haider Chairman HVACR Society Lahore Chapter underscored the performance of starting professional struggle during study days, the importance of students to network with professionals, to participate in lectures, seminars and exhibitions, to work with loyalty to the employer in initial years and gain learning experience first rather than financial reward. He gave a presentation on the hierarchy of HVACR Society Pakistan. He very graciously announced free membership for student participants for HVACR society for one year.

Mr. Ramzan Sharif CEO Green Technologies gave the importance of attending exhibitions and announced the 2020 HVACR exhibition in Lahore. He gave a technical presentation on the vapor compression cycle of refrigeration.

Mr Muhammad Boota Aziz guided the students about vision, direction, career path and to opt for target based plans and career. Mr. Agha Ilyas Ahmed Khan described the products his company NOVATECH is manufacturing in Pakistan. He highlighted the importance of refrigeration in Food storage and agriculture. His entrepreneurship was an inspiration to the audience. Mr. Ahmed Naeem Chugtai and Mr. Attar Shahzad also graced the occasion from HVACR society Pakistan.

Overall a successful event was arranged by Mechanical Engineering Department and MES which hopefully contributed to the learning, knowledge, guidance and exposure of students. InshaaAllah many new endeavors are to be planned by the Department, so keep connected with us and we will move forward together.

  • Seminar on "HVACR Technology, Entrepreneurship and Success" 2018
  • Seminar on "HVACR Technology, Entrepreneurship and Success" 2018
  • Seminar on "HVACR Technology, Entrepreneurship and Success" 2018
  • Seminar on "HVACR Technology, Entrepreneurship and Success" 2018
  • Seminar on "HVACR Technology, Entrepreneurship and Success" 2018
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